Game and tailgating transportation from Toledo Limo

Make your sports outing extreme! Whether you've got tickets to a big game or are heading out to tailgate, go all out with Toledo Limo! We have everything you need to take tailgating and sports outings to the next level!

Game day traffic can be a pain, we all know it. Parking is even worse. And if you're going to have a drink you better have a DD to get you home or no beer for you. Avoid all of those hassles with Toledo Limo! Our vehicles are ideal for partying it up, so stock the cooler with beer and turn that time stuck in traffic into pre-game drinks on the bus or limo! We'll drop you right off at the front of the venue as well so you wont have to worry about parking! During the game, cheer, enjoy, and down as many beers as you want! Because after the game you're going to get home safe with Toledo Limo!

Tailgating? Do it right with a party bus. All you need to do is bring your beer, food, and grill, and travel in your VIP tailgating machine to your desired location and set up camp. The on board coolers will chill your beer while you're out enjoying the tailgating party with the rest of the fans! Drink all the beer you want and have no worries about how you'll get home! Are you making the tailgating a family event? If the kids get restless pop in their favorite movie on the bus to keep them occupied. There's no better way to tailgate than with a party bus from Toledo Limo! If you're up north check out Sporting Event Party Buses.

Perks overview:

Affordable rates. Reliable and safe. You can drink, party, and enjoy the game and get home safe! The best service for going to the game with friends or with the kids. We can take you to Detroit for Detroit Sports Events as well.