Bars and restaurants in Gould, OH


Tapas 218

218 Ct Ave NW, Canton
If you love Spanish food and tapas style dining, you will absolutely fall in love with Tapas 218 when you're out with Toledo Limo in the Gould area. It's lovely here, casual but classy, and they even offer a bar downstairs that serves your adult beverage needs so perfectly. In terms of the food that's offered here, the empanadas are a must-have, the margherita shrimp salad is memorable and refreshing, and the pimientos rellenos are a mouth watering sensation that you simply must try. The presentation is as great as the flavor here, and the service is as good as the ambiance! All around, a very inviting and elegant place to dine and drink!

Deli Ohio

328 Walnut Ave NE, Canton
Deli Ohio is a great spot for Toledo Limo groups to stop in for a bite to eat when they're out and about in the Gould area. It's very clean, nicely decorated, and even a touch upscale compared to most delis! We really like the ambiance here. They have so many different sandwiches for you to dig into here. The reuben is a top choice and a unique one too, piled high with chipped roast beef, red cabbage slaw, and Russian dressing, all on delicious Rye bread. Mmm. The ham apple brie comes highly recommended and we also love the herbivore and the turkey bacon avocado! They even have a Cuban sandwich that's just too irresistible. Great coffee too!

Bender's Tavern

137 Court Ave SW, Canton
Bender's Tavern is a steakhouse and seafood restaurant that has made a big impression on our Toledo Limo groups in the Gould area. It's essentially an elegant tavern, dimly lit and very inviting, with a really intimate feel for your special celebrations with small and large Toledo Limo groups. This establishment has been around for something like six decades, and they're known for certain items, like their famous turtle soup. We're really into their roasted salmon with black bean sauce, and we think that the spring tonic pairs so well with thta. The pecan chicken tender salad is another great selection, perhaps paired with a nice glass of wine!

Jasmine Asian Bistro

1122 30th St NW, Canton
Jasmine Asian Bistro is the place in the Gould area for you to get your fill of the most delicious Asian fusion fare. You can't even tell from the exterior what a gem awaits you within. This is one of those cases where we'll suggest that you don't judge a book by a cover or a restaurant by its exterior! The sushi platters are absolutely wonderful, very beautifully presented, and super fresh and tasty. The location is extremely convenient, right beside the Professional Football Hall of Fame, so you can have some touristy fun and then dive into some super fresh sushi! Nice. They do close down between lunch and dinner, so check the hours before you head out.

Gervasi Vineyard

1700 55th St NE, Canton
Gervasi Vineyard is a particularly popular place for our Toledo Limo customers to celebrate all kinds of things, including throwing a beautiful wedding right there on the grounds. If you're just there to dine and drink, you'll still feel like you're on top of the world. The Crush House is the name of their bar. It has a rustic charm and the selection of wine is just incredible. Now let's talk food! The Tuscan beef short ribs are the must-have as far as we are concerned! Just amazing flavor. When their risotto Gamberetti is available, that will just blow your mind. Very highly recommended. Of course, things can get pricey here, but you won't mind a bit! You get every bit of what you pay for and then some.