Bars and restaurants in Booth, OH


SHY Cellars

9185 State Rt 250 NW, Strasburg
SHY Cellars is a tapas bar and wine bar that we are really impressed with. We think that you, as a Toledo Limo customer in the Booth area, will really enjoy this one. The dining room is absolutely gorgeous and very classy, with white tablecloths, hardwood floors, and old fashioned decor adorning the walls. The wine list is very large and also very well chosen. They have the best entrees and tapas choices here, just as indulgent and memorable as you could ever dream of. The handmade ice cream is fabulous for dessert and we love the cake as well! This is a dressy and intimate choice, excellent for wedding and anniversary celebrations with Toledo Limo!

Tapas 218

218 Ct Ave NW, Canton
Tapas 218 is a Spanish restaurant in the Booth vicinity that we really think you'll enjoy visiting during your Toledo Limo outing. The prices are in the moderate range here, depending on what you get, and they do have some more upscale choices for you if you've got a little more green in your wallet than most. The empanadas are one of the first things that pop into our mind when we think of this place. They're fabulous! The pimientos rellenos are amazing too, as is the margherita shrimp salad, and we can't say enough about the floutas either! Mmm. The service here is as friendly as can be and they even offer a full bar, televisions, and outdoor seating! Nice.

Gallery 121

121 Lincoln Way W, Massillon
Gallery 121 is a wine bar slash art gallery conveniently located in the Booth area for your upcoming Toledo Limo trip! It's a nice place to come in to for just a drink and it's also a great place to dine. We especially enjoy their seasonal cocktails, including the pumpkin patch during those fall months! Such a great little martini. They do have a nice beer selection here too, including some of your favorite craft beers. The live music is something that you'll certainly enjoy. The fact that it's currently happening every night of the week just makes it even better. No waiting for the weekend! And there's space for some dancing as well! How fun.

Deli Ohio

328 Walnut Ave NE, Canton
Deli Ohio is a smart lunch stop when you're out in Booth with Toledo Limo. Super clean and tidy, nothing too fancy, just great food that's fast and service that's super friendly! The reuben with chipped roast beef, red cabbage slaw, and Russian dressing is really a standout item as far as we're concerned. The ham apple brie and the herbivore are ones that we've also enjoyed on multiple locations, and we've got to give a shoutout to the Cuban and the turkey bacon avocado! Mmm. For dessert, you cannot go wrong with the sea salt chocolate chip cookies and perhaps a nice hot cup of Bent Tree coffee on the side. Perfection!

Bender's Tavern

137 Court Ave SW, Canton
Bender's Tavern is a steakhouse and seafood restaurant that we really think you'll enjoy for your bigger celebrations with Toledo Limo in Booth. It's charming, elegant, and dimly lit, with lots of dark wood accents and an overall classy ambiance. The turtle soup is a classic here, having been a part of the menu for as long as the place has been in business, so you're looking at something like six decades! Wow. The wine selection is great and we love the spring tonic too. The roasted salmon with black bean puree is just one example of the incredibly mouth watering food that they serve here. We love the haddock too. Full bar and TV too!